Isabel Anzuela Martínez

Accounting and Tax Dept.

Higher Diploma in Administration and Finance with wide experience, acquired after more than 24 years working in the world of accounting and tax management.

She has pursued her professional career in various fields, either on her own account by setting up her own consultancy firm “Clave Asesores” in San Sebastián, where she provided all types of advice to small companies in Guipúzcoa, and as an employee in companies in Guipúzcoa, Catalonia and Navarra such as G.Agudo, Digests Assessors and ARPA Abogados, respectively.

She has been the coordinator of a team in Caja Laboral Popular-Euskadiko Laboral Kutxa, managing the team members in the various branches. In addition, she has experience as a trainer in accounting and tax courses, using the on-line methodology, for the CEBANC-CDEA Training Centre in San Sebastian.