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Professional services

360º GDPR

We can adapt your organisation to the current regulations on data protection and we will keep you informed and updated of any new developments, supervise compliance and ensure that your organisation complies with the regulations 365 days a year.

Outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer

We have certified professionals to provide the DPO service externally through the appointment of this Officer before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), advising the client on the obligations incumbent upon them, supervising compliance and acting as a point of contact for interested parties and with the AEPD.

Registration of Processing Activities (RPA)

Preparation and updating of the RPA required by Article 30 of the GDPR.

Risk analysis

Conducting a risk analysis to determine the appropriate technical and organisational measures for each organisation according to the data processing it carries out.

Impact assessments

Conduct impact assessments with regards to any processing that poses a high risk to interested parties.


Training tailored to the client, both “In Company” and “on line” on matters of data protection, cybersecurity and new technologies, including the issue of a course completion certificate, demonstrating the correct training and awareness of personnel which shows a proactive responsibility on the part of the data controller.

Preparation of procedures

Preparation and implementation of procedures relating to the notification of security breaches, management of rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, portability and opposition.

Preparation of transparency policies

Drafting of information clauses to comply with the principle of transparency in accordance with the principles issued by the AEPD.

Contracts with Process Managers

Evaluation of the Processing Managers and drafting of contracts regulating their access to the personal data for which our clients are responsible.

Defence in the face of AEPD Inspections

Advice and defence both at the administrative headquarters and in the courts in the event of inspections and possible sanctions by the AEPD or any other competent Control Authority.

Right to oblivion

We handle your right not to appear in Internet search engines with removal of links to irrelevant information that may affect your dignity or honour.

Compliance audits

Audit of the degree of compliance of your organisation with current data protection regulations.

Specialised Consultancy

External support from certified Data Protection Officers for your internal privacy officer in matters beyond their knowledge or experience.

Legal audit of web pages

Legalisation of websites and online shops with drafting of the legal texts required by the regulations and proposed amendments to achieve compliance.