Employment advice and management

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Entrust us with your employment obligations

Payroll and social security

Preparation of payroll and social security and their electronic transmission.

Agreements and employment standards

Application and updating of employment agreements and standards.


Processing of employment arrivals, terminations and variations.

Registration with the Social Security

Registration of Companies in the Social Security system and subsequent modifications (changes in administrators, new contribution account codes…).

Registrations in Mutual Societies

Registrations in Mutual Societies.

Self-employed and special schemes

Registrations in self-employment and other special schemes.


Employment contracts, extensions and renewals, studying the different options and any possible subsidies and allowances. Sufficient advance notice of the expiry of contracts.

Risk Prevention

Preparation of Risk Prevention Plans.

Contracts and pay

Contracts and managerial salaries.

Income Tax

Quarterly Income Tax returns form 110 and Annual Return form 190. Certificates of retention and notification of information to the payer.

Employment inspections

Employment inspections assistance, defence, response to requests, liquidations and appeals.

Conciliation and dismissal proceedings

Representation in Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (SMAC) and dismissal proceedings.

Employment audits

Employment audits. Personnel cost studies. Severance payments.

Other procedures

Employment histories, certificates of up-to-date payment, recovery and deferral procedures, managerial contracts and salaries, submission of job offers, processing of accident reports.