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Company Law and Commercial Contracts

  • Establishing remuneration policies for the family, the administrative body and executives that comply with current legislation.
  • Drawing up partnership agreements (or shareholders’ agreements) to protect the Family Business.
  • The processes of acquisition or sale of Family Businesses.
  • On-going advice for the Family Business to include, where appropriate, the running of the secretariat of the administrative body, drafting of the corresponding company documentation, etc.
  • Legal advice on the processes of separation of partnerships or partner conflicts.
  • Advice on the drafting of contracts and agreements with third parties.
  • Company restructurings (mergers, spin-offs, contribution of assets, etc.).

Tax Law

  • Review of remuneration policies to comply with current tax legislation with the minimum possible penalty.
  • Review of the company and asset structures to minimise the taxation of Family Businesses.
  • Optimisation of Family Business taxation regarding Wealth Tax and Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Tax advice on the sale of the Family Business.
  • On-going tax advice for Family Businesses.


  • Drawing up of Family Protocols, which simplify succession and govern the relationship between the family and the company.
  • Advice on the family’s own environment through the Family Council or similar bodies.