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Advice on compliance with tax regulations

Government taxes

Value Added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty, Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Local taxes

Tax on Economic Activities, Property Tax, Capital Gains Tax on Urban Land, etc.


Prior advice on the most appropriate legal form for the creation of a company from a tax-legal point of view.

Returns - settlements

Study, preparation and submission of annual, quarterly or monthly returns for specific tax reasons, before the State, Regional and Local Administrative Bodies.


Preliminary analysis prior to the close of the tax period, evaluating the different alternatives and advantages and thus being able to make decisions to reduce the tax burden for Value Added Tax, Income Tax and Corporation Tax.

Tax analysis

Tax analysis of company creations, reorganisations, mergers and liquidations, as well as of property and financial investments.

Tax Inspections

Assistance, defence, response to requests, liquidations and appeals for all the Taxes in our area of activity, before any organisation (including the economic-administrative route and the contentious route).

Intrastat declarations

Intrastat declarations.

Family protocol and business

Advice, estate and family business tax planning; design and implementation of tax efficient structures for the holding and transfer of business assets; Family protocols. Preparation and signature.

Tax planning

Tax planning of inheritance and donation proceedings.